Thursdays – kindom days

As I’ve sat at my desk for the past two hours this morning these are the people I have seen and heard:

  • A variety of folks from around the world who are in the process of learning how to speak English;
  • Preschoolers, the parents who drop them off, and the women who teach them;
  • People attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting;
  • A woman who chronically comes to the office administrator for assistance (faxing, computer work, etc);
  • Church staff and random drop-ins.

All of these folks using the same door, sharing the same air, engaging in the dance of life…harmoniously. I guess of I were sitting in a coffeeshop, or a McDonalds, or at the grocery store, the scene would be similar, but with more anonymous classifications. Still, it’s nice to see in a church.



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